It was 24 years ago today that I flew the 13 hour flight from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco, California and was placed in the home of 3 eager siblings and two parents who had no clue what they were getting themselves into.

Little did I know, at 3 months of age that I was receiving a beautiful gift that day. The gift of a bright future, filled with opportunity, love and most importantly- an eternal family in the Gospel.

Sometimes people ask... what was it like growing up and being adopted? Do you think about your "real" parents? Do you feel different? And so many more.

It is simple. I am the luckiest individual to have been given Faith in my Savior, Hope for a future and Love from a family. Being adopted is more than a way of growing up, it's a blessing that can never be taken away. It is the missing puzzle piece, that just fits. I know that my Heavenly Father sent me to my family here on earth because they are what I need and I am what they need.

Now that I am all grown up and raising my own family, it puts my adoption experience into a whole other perspective. It doesn't matter how a family is put together, as long as they are together.

I love my family and wouldn't have my life any other way.

We will be celebrating Gotcha Day traditionally at Fuddrucker's with the whole fam damily, as it was the first restaurant we all went to after I was adopted.


Brendi68 said...

Gotcha Day! That is SO cool!

Erin said...

Happy Gotcha day~~

M said...

You have NO idea how happy this makes me to read about your joy and confidence in being adopted. Your family is soooo lucky to have you! Have fun celebrating!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks Bren & Erin!

Michelle: I know that we both share the love of adoption! My appreciation for adoption has really grown in my adult life. Gratitude is the one word that would describe how I feel. After celebrating with my whole family tonight... for the 24th year in a row, in the same place, on the same day... I am a lucky girl for family that still thinks I'm unique and special.