lil' LJ

Londyn is getting to be quite the little lady these days! She is getting into everything, sassing us with her attitude and charming us with her adorable personality!

She is as mobile as can be without actually crawling! Possible? Yes, indeed. Londyn scoots backwards, rotates in circles and rolls to get where she wants to go. Unfortunately, this doesn't last long when she remembers "oh wait, I have grown-ups to transport me at my every wail." To our dismay, the screaming gets old... and we buckle. Londyn craves the attention of anyone and everyone!

Londie is also quite the chattie-pants! I love hearing her talking to herself in her crib after she wakes up. Too cute! It's fun to watch her form sounds together. The wheels are always turning with this one!

Is there anything this kid doesn't eat? I think not. Well, I take that back... she won't eat anything plain or in baby food form (the pureed stuff). But if it has a creamy pesto sauce, or maybe seasoned with rosemary and garlic, hand it over! Now don't get me wrong, the gourmet cuisine is fabulous... but nothing hits the spot like a delish all-American happy meal: chicken nuggets and french fries, baby! Yup, that's right. A girl after my own heart. She eats it all and doesn't hold back.

Recent Photos:
Nothin' but trouble.
Yesterday, Daddy was packing for drill and Londyn decided to help! Of course his flak jacket wasn't as fashionable as she would've preferred, but definitely fascinating and slobber-worthy.

Cousin Lovin'
Often times, my nieces come over and help with Londie. She loves the attention and new playmates. We are lucky to have so many babysitters close by!
Thanks for the help today Kaylee!


TheThorpeFamily said...

Just when I think she cant get any cuter, she totally does!!! Andrew you are going to need to keep that gun close by as she gets older!!

The Porters said...

You have such an adorable little girl, she should meet jaxon one day ;) Anywho thanks for posting my link to my page on your blog :) It will most likely be public next week