weekend romance.

Since, Valentine's Day fell on Sunday this year, we decided celebrate on Saturday instead. Of course, the Mr. and I just couldn't wait to give our little goodies to each other, so we exchanged those on Friday night. Andrew had this beautifully wrapped package and a card that read "To my wonderful wife." The gift just magically appeared on the top of our cabinet last week... and I've been aching to find out what it is. So, when I finally got to open it, it was the most magical and romantic gift the husband could have possibly given me. Are you ready for this? A 24-pack of Diet Coke. Gold, I tell you. Gold.
Next, it was my turn. Since we are budget was tight (meaning... no budget at all) for this gift-giving holiday, I thought I would be my craftiness to the test and make Andrew a gift. With love, I made him a coupon book. There are 10 coupons total in this book, some include "You Win! In the argument of your choice"... "an entire morning of sleeping in"..."Uninterrupted TV - 1 hour... and more. It wasn't much, but I think he liked it! Also, on Friday I gave him an invitation to a Valentine's surprise on Saturday... with yours truly!
On Saturday, we dropped off the baby at Grandma Milne's and headed out to Vancouver. We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday (delish- by the way!) and then to the Cinetopia. For those who are not familiar, Cinetopia is like the first-class experience of seeing movies in theater. They have a posh restaurant with a 4 star chef and best of all, the "living room" experience. In the living room theater, you get reclining seats with comfy leg cushions and servers that take your order. They offer all menu items from the restaurant to be served to you while you're at your seat! Since we had already eaten lunch (because the menu is pretty pricey) we ordered 2 ice cream sundaes, which weren't anything fancy. But, they sure hit the spot! The best part of the day was spending 5 quality hours, just us two. Although, on the way home- I missed my baby. I was ready to return to reality. What a wonderful holiday we had together!


Laura said...

You are so creative girl! I can tell that Andrew loves you so much. You guys are so cute!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks Laura! We have our good days ;) haha Love you!

The Lathrop's said...

Awesome!! Glad it was a great Valentine's Day!!