This is both a sad and happy post.
It's kinda graphic.

If you are feeling fragile today,
do not continue reading.

I recently started reading the blog of a woman who is incredibly brave to share so much of her family and struggles on the internet for everyone to judge and add their two cents--we all know how that goes.

I admire her for sharing the story of her faith, of hope and of miracles. we can all learn from her horrific and wonderful experience.

she recently wrote the following:

Please do not try to sugar-coat things for me.
I am responsible. I am the Mommy.
I should have been more attentive.
I should never have walked away from that tub.
I hope to forgive myself one day... Right now that feels impossible.

"Mom! Mom! Bronson drowned in the tub! I think he's dead!"

He was floating on his back. White. Lips blue. Eyes rolled back. Gone.
Daynen had his arms under his shoulders and thighs, trying to lift him.
Our eyes met.
He looked tiny and helpless trying to keep his brother afloat.
Trying to heave him out.
"Mommy! I so saw-wee! I twy to get him out!"
There was too much water.
It was up past the jets. Running at full speed.
One of them had turned it back on.

before you start (or continue) bawling, please read the full story on
her blog and see the below video of his recovery. Now, say a prayer. Hold your babies... and know that miracles are real.


TheThorpeFamily said...

We know sweet little bronson ... The dr I work for is in there ward. We are so excited for him!!

Kathy said...

Wow. I can't believe modern medicine. He truely is a miracle. How WONDERFUL for this family. I think I will go hug my kids now.