love handles.

That's right, it's that time again... this is attempt #1234203953740860 to lose the baby-bulge. After a 60 lb. gain during pregnancy, I have made an extensive effort to lose the weight. With hard work, determination, 2 diet plans and lots of regular exercise, I lost 22 lbs in 4 months. Unfortunately, once the Winter hit... I started going downhill. Bad habits were creeping back into my lifestyle and I couldn't stay away from the fast food. That and the weather turned nasty, which put a damper on my exercise. All in all, it's no excuse. I have to get back the reigns and reel it in people! So, of course... what do I do? Turn to yet another diet plan! Honestly, a set diet plan is the only way for me to stay on track. Just "eating healthy" doesn't work for me. I don't trust myself with that much freedom.
Nutrisystem is the diet that we all see on tv, with the gorgeous Marie Osmond strutting her skinny stuff and workin' the infomercial runway. Of course, Marie Osmond is a deal breaker in itself, but after trying the food. Not bad. Not bad at all. Already, in 5 days- I have lost 5 lbs. Now, that's what I call results! So before I start really sounding like an informercial... offering you a gift with purchase and ridiculous shipping and handling... I am informing the blogger world that I am bound and determined to lose these few pounds! I only have 8 more pounds to shed before I'm back to my pre-preggers weight.
Now, I am not just doing Nutrisystem alone. I am walking every day and doing my Biggest Loser DVD that Andrew got me for Christmas. It's amazing how eating right and exercise really do make you feel better. Ugh... I'm starting to sound like those people I use to cringe at when speaking of healthy living. Eating healthy? Working out? Sorry to say peeps. It's the truth!

Dear McD's 10-piece Chicken Nuggets and French Fries Value Meal,
We are not good for each other.
I have a deep infatuation with you and you make me fat.
End of story. Good luck with all your endeavors.
Mommy in Control


Laura said...

Good Luck girl!!! I'm in the same boat, but I have a deadline!!! I have 14 weeks to look as good as Julianne Hough!!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks Laura! In your photos, you look amazing! You are too cute :) Love ya! P.S. I love Julianne Hough