meet the Swart family

A few weeks ago, we were able to get together with old and new friends, Johnathan, Jannene & Connor Swart. While this was an impromptu reunion between Andrew and Johnathon, this was my first time meeting these fabulous individuals. Andrew and Johnathon were part of the same singles ward in UT before Andrew left for Iraq. These two hadn't seen or heard much since then and thanks to the beauty of Facebook, they were able to get in touch.

The Swart's were up here from California for a wedding and gave us a few hours out of their busy trip to visit. Ironically, our babies are just a few days apart. Seeing them together was so fun, but only made me grateful that Londyn isn't a twin! I am fully satisfied with the overwhelming responsibility of one lil' bugger! Thank you Swart family for the fabulous company!

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