He's Da' Man

Today I was scheduled to speak in church. When I walked into the chapel, I noticed that both counselors were on the stand but my dad wasn't. I figured he was probably chatting or welcoming people before the meeting started.

Time passed and one of his counselors started to conduct the meeting. He announced that the bishop was stuck in surgery and would make it later in the day for tithing settlement meetings.

Although I knew that my dad was on call at the hospital, I was bummed that he wasn't going to show. I kept looking at the door the entire time before I got up to speak... hoping he might just walk in late. I waited... and waited. No show.

Announcements had been made, sacrament passed and after the second youth speaker sat down... I slowly got up to walk towards the stand. I looked at the door one more time, and there he was. He quickly walked in and took his seat on the stand. I knew he would come through!

Later, when I got home from church, I noticed I had a missed call from my dad and a voice message. The message was my dad calling from the OR, letting me know he might not make it and he was trying his hardest to get there in time to hear my talk. He wished me luck, told me to break a leg and said he loved me.

This is my dad. He is just amazing. I teared up when I listened to that message. I know my dad loves me so much. He didn't have to call and I would have understood if he hadn't made it. But he is always there and always has been. That's just my dad.

I am the luckiest daughter ever.

He's da' man!

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Tara and Andrew said...

awww i almost teared up too! that's so cute!