Romantical Weekend for Two

Andrew and I have been looking forward to some much needed R & R that we had been planning on for months.
Last Friday dropped LJ off with Grandma Milne and Auntie Nell for the night. We knew she was in good hands because she could have cared less if we stayed or left. I could barely get my baby to kiss me goodbye!

Then we headed downtown to try out a new Korean restaurant. The delish Korean BBQ hit the spot! Then we went to ComedySportz, a comedy club that we first found in Provo and found out they have one here! It was hilarious and so fun! To end the evening, we were spoiled at the Benson Hotel, which is the hotel we stayed at right after we got married. The king sized bed and sleeping in until 9am was heavenly!

On Saturday, we took our time getting up and ready for the day. We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Andrew had Smoked Salmon Hash and I had a Denver Omelette. So yummy!

After breakfast, we hopped in the car and went to the Portland Saturday's Market. We walked around and looked at all of the creativity that the local vendors had to offer and were tempted to make a few purchases. I love walking around downtown and people watching.

Spending time together... just us two, was a treat. I felt like we were dating again.

The R&R came and was gone far too quickly. But, I would be lying if I didn't say I was antsy to get back to our Londyn Joy.

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Laura said...

A weekend together sounds awesome!! I have to tell you though that right after we talked about date nights, we found a couple to babysit and went out on our first date in months!!! It was great!! Thanks for the little push! :) You and Andrew are so cute together!