The Secret

For my fellow bloggers out there, do you have that weighing accountability and bloggers guilt when you withhold happenings or posts you've been whipping up in your head for days... weeks? I do.

Finally clicking "PUBLISH POST" is fulfilling and a stress relief for some very odd reason.
Anyway, I can't keep it from you any longer. I must divulge my secret. Last week, when Andrew and I were away having our weekend reatreat, he was feeling really REALLY romantic... and did something I never thought he would do again. He pulled through the McD's drive-thru and got me a LARGE diet coke. Yes, that's right. It was beyond heavenly. I have no words to describe that first sip.

I had been off of DC for 6 weeks and I'm not going to lie, they were agonizing. I had imagined our split would make me feel lighter, more healthy and even rejuvenated. But, quite honestly- I felt the very opposite.

I know many of you have a LOT to say about diet coke and the endless cons of it's consumption. But, really? We're meant to be together. I'm sure I will try to quit again in this lifetime... but ultimately, diet coke makes me a better wife and mom. There. I said it.

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