Happy 235th Birthday Marines!

Last night, Andrew and I attended the 235th Marine Corps Birthday Ball! Andrew has had a long weekend with the Marine Corps, driving back and forth from Portland and as I type, he is headed out the door to go back to drill right now. Since he was in the ceremony this year, he had to go to a couple rehearsals to practice for the big night. I was looking forward to the ball because you get to dress up and be baby free for a night! Andrew was pretty worn out and not looking forward to standing in the same position, looking at the same spot on the wall for a good hour, but the ceremony was beautiful and he made it through.

The food is always a hit or miss, and this year it was actually pretty tasty! The salad was a little strange but for the main course, we had yummy chicken with rice and string beans, and chocolate cake for dessert!

For me, the best part of the entire night was when the ceremony was over and I got to spend some time with my husband. Although I wasn't feeling so good and Andrew was pretty beat, it was nice to be just the two of us for a change.

Of course, on the way home I was missing LJ and couldn't wait to get home. I knew she would be in bed already, but it's just nice knowing that I'm there if she needs me.

Happy Birthday Marines!


Laura said...

I wish we could have gone to the ball too!! You looked beautiful! I LOVE your dress! Next time we happen to be in the same state, you need to come shopping with me because you've got style!! :) Something I lack in!!

Seoul Searching Mama said...

haha SO not true Laura! You are totally stylish, and cute to boot! I wish we lived closer :(