22 months & Counting

I can't believe Londyn's 2nd birthday is just around the corner!  She is such a joy in our home!  I seriously can't help but adore all of her funny faces.  What a ham!

LJ is getting easier and more difficult ... if that's even possible?  She is a lot easier because she can get around on her own and communicate.  But she is a lot more difficult because... she can get around on her own and communicate.  

She isn't very cautious or afraid of strangers... or unfamiliar places.  She loves to wander off on her own in public places or even take a stroll on her own after I get her out of her car seat.  

She is most daring, leaping off of the top stairs with all the confidence that someone will catch her.  I love her spontaneity and passion to simply have fun and make everyone laugh!

Communicating with Lulu is my favorite lately!  She retains words so easily after hearing us say a word only one or two times.  She comprehends everything, whether she wants to admit it or not.  

My favorites moments lately are:
When someone sneezes or coughs, she asks "are you okay?" or says "bless you"
In the morning when she wakes up, she wants to watch Ni Hao or Melmo (Elmo) and then nods her head saying, "breck-beck? breck-beck?" (breakfast)
Before bath time, she asks for "poppy" (potty)... we're in no rush to potty train, so we're just letting her go at her own pace.
Watching her take care of her babies.  she loves to rock, burp, read to and feed her baby dolls.
Listening outside of her door in the morning, hearing her counting and saying her ABC's... her favorite letters are B & R and her favorite numbers are 1, 2, 6... 9.
When she says "Thank you" and "Love you" without any prompting.
Whenever she is in trouble, she repeatedly nods her head and smiles... not listening to a word we are saying... making us just want to crack up.

Love you Lulu-pants!


The Leiths said...

how precious! i can't believe she's almost 2! didn't you just have her? CRAZY!

Laura said...

Haha! She is so sweet! This is such a fun age!!!