FUN in the SUN

This week we had two fabulous days of sun!  Obviously the weather is not totally cooperating with my plans for spring, which include sun bathing, gardening and lots of playing... which all include sunshine that isn't always around.  But, when it comes for a visit- we are all over it!

This is Lulu's favorite toy at Auntie Nell's house.  During the Winter, she would drive it around my sister's house but I'm pretty sure it's meant for riding outside in the sun!

Londyn and I spent almost 3 hours at Woodhaven Park on Tuesday with her friend Addie.  It was SO nice!  This park has the perfect play structure, including 3 slides.  Whenever we go to any park or play area, LJ just goes down the slide about a bazillion times.  It also has a whole sand pit with tons of trucks and toys.

So if you haven't already noticed, we are totally and completely ready for Summer to arrive!  Notice how I jump on putting Londyn in tanks and shorts when the Sun shows itself?  I can't wait!

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