You know...

I know I already did some bragging about my husband yesterday... but I just can't help it!

You know your husband loves you... when an hour before church starts and you're getting ready, your blow dryer decides to DIE and he runs to Walgreens to make an emergency purchase so you don't have to go to church looking like a hot mess!

You know your husband loves you... when you're lying in bed at 9:30pm, getting some work done on the computer and you randomly mention that for some reason- top ramen sounds delish... then about 20 minutes later, he brings a steaming hot bowl of yummy Korean ramen and a beverage on a platter for you to eat right in bed!

I love this man more and more everyday.

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Brendi68 said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW....how sweet!!!!!