Adamson Shower

Yesterday, I got the chance to throw a baby shower for our favorite family, the Adamson's!  They are expecting their second baby boy in several short weeks (we're pretty sure he's coming any day though)!  It was a family shower, so spouse's and kids were invited to come to the party.  There was no measuring Courtney's belly or guessing what kind of chocolate is melted into a diaper... but it was a circus theme with Costco dogs, a bounce house and friends!

We are so excited for the upcoming arrival of Brecken Adamson and can't wait to meet the little fella!


 Bounce House

Face Painting

Gifts (AKA lots of bottles!)


I love this girl!

The Mr. was super amazing and helped me ALL day with the shower!  He got up early to clean up the yard, ran to the store for last minute items (without me even asking!), helped me set up, grilled the hot dogs and even did all the clean up!

I love this man.


Brendi68 said...

Looks like it went well! I love this man too! Except he will always be a little boy in my eyes!!

Laura said...

What a cute shower, and what a great husband!!!