Mama's Day

The Mr. gets an A++ for a job well done on Mother's Day.  This was my third Mother's Day (including the year Londyn was in my belly) and let's just say, Andrew's getting the hang of it!  On Friday and Saturday, he couldn't wait to give me gifts from him and LJ.   I got two framed photos with beautiful poems!  

On Mother's Day, I got breakfast in bed, unlimited Diet Coke privileges (without hazing), off dish duty, a delish truffle at church and complete and total pampering all day.  Andrew treated me like a queen and I can honestly say it is one of my favorite holidays now!  I suppose it's a little selfish to make Mother's Day my favorite holiday, but sometimes I feel like with all the hustle and bustle... the things I do get overlooked.  But that's not the case and Andrew made that very clear!

To finish off a fabulous day, all the men in my family made a delish surf n' turf dinner for their ladies.  We had yummy salmon fillets, brisket, Andrew's famous grilled asparagus (so delish), baked potatoes, salad, rolls and lots of homemade desserts!  They did an awesome job!  Aside from such a tasty meal, I was really grateful to see Andrew and my brother Eric do all the dishes and cleaning up after the meal.  Clearly, I married up.  

Now, I can't wait for Father's Day to return the favor!


Stephanie said...

that's one sweet brother of mine!!

Lisa said...

You have the Cutest, most beautiful family EVER! Just seeing you 3 together make me smile!


The Leiths said...

those pictures are so cute! what a great idea.