Birthday Dinner Re-Do

For my birthday last month, we tried a new restaurant... ie BIG MISTAKE!  Never try NEW for your birthday.  At least in my recent experience, it was a miserable fail.  We tried this restaurant called Native Foods at the Bridgeport Mall and no offense, but  it was a huge disappointment.  We were excited to be looking outside of the box... but while doing so, we didn't acknowledge the fine print... that read "VEGAN."  We don't do vegan.  It's just not us.  Needless to say, Londyn's favorite go to meal "Mac & Cheese" was hardly touched.  Ugh.  

Anyway... Andrew took me out for a birthday dinner re-do and we went with a super yummy and authentic Korean restaurant, called "Hae Rim."  It was SO much better.  Their mandu is so delish!

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