There Is Beauty All Around

Last weekend, two young men in our ward chose to beautify Zoe's cemetery as their Eagle projects.  Andrew was able to help with the project to enhance this prayer circle with trees and ground cover.

We are so grateful for these young men and the many youth who offer to care for this small pioneer cemetery every year. One of the young men Geoffrey Marvin is creating a memorial plaque in honor of Zoe to be placed in front of one of the trees.
Above is the tree that Andrew planted.

Yesterday, Andrew spent 5 hours blowing all of the leaves from the big maple tree at the cemetery. 

Londyn and I stopped by after dance class about three hours into the job and it was no small feat.
Lulu was super worried and said "Zoe's all covered up!"  She was happy again when Daddy cleared the leaves off of Zoe's grave.

Lulu loves her baby sister.

 While Londyn was at preschool this morning, Andrew and I were able to rake up all of the leaves.  We would load as many leaves as wecould onto a large tarp and then Andrew would haul them over to a drop site on the side of the cemetery.  He probably took 15 loads!

We love Zoe's big maple tree, but it sure drops a lot of leaves!  

 All finished!  It looks and feels so lovely, now that we can see the green grass again.

After the work was finished, we sat on the bench in front of the maple tree all sweaty, stinky... exhausted and happy with our accomplishment.  

I just want to say that I am so grateful for Andrew and his work ethic.  There is nothing hotter than a man who works hard and loves his family.  That is my husband!  

I look forward to making this a tradition every year.  I just love this cemetery and want to make it as beautiful as possible.  It isn't huge or fancy, but it is filled with heart and that is so fitting for the resting place of our baby girl.

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