Our Favorite Marine

Yesterday was the 237th birthday of the Marine Corps and today was Veterans Day.  My gratitude and respect for the veterans and service members of our country has grown so much since I married Andew.  I am constantly admiring the wonderful individuals that sacrifice so much for our freedom.  

We always look forward to going out for a free meal every year on Veterans Day.  But since Andrew was working, we decided to go to him for lunch.  Londyn was so excited to see her Daddy... almost as excited as she was about her very own guest badge she was given to wear.  

Waiting for Daddy to come get us.

We are so proud of our Marine veteran.  It has been 7 years since Andrew joined the Marines!

  Londyn practiced singing "Happy Veterans Day to you!" in the car and said she was going to give him BIG snuggles and kisses when she saw him.

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