A Sweet Halloween

Andrew and I whipped up this cute little cupcake for Halloween!  She really is the sweetest.  

Here we are at the annual Tri-Ward Trunk or Treat.  It was raining buckets that night, but Lulu managed to fill her purse twice with candy.

Tuesday was the Halloween party at preschool.  Londyn adores Miss Rebecca and did really well at school until I showed up with my camera.  A few hours later, she was camping out on the sofa with 100.2 temperature.  Poor babe.

Londyn woke up on Halloween day back to her old self.  
Sassy, smiling and anxious to go trick or treating!  

Blow a kiss, little Miss!

In the late afternoon, we visited with my friend Hanna and her cute little Kate on the far left.  We attempted a neighborhood costume parade but the rain just wasn't doing it for us.  

Daddy got home from work around 6:45pm.  We had pizza for dinner and then went trick or treating with our cupcake.  She was very independent and confident this year, knocking and ringing the doorbell (sometimes repeatedly at the same house) and instead of saying "trick or treat," she would say "trick or treating"... followed by THANK YOU or Happy Halloween.  It's amazing how different this experience was from last year, when she was only 2 years old and unsure of the whole ordeal.  

After our rain free trick or treating, we snuggled up together before bed.  

The holidays are going to be tough without Zoe.  I was at Target a few days before Halloween and they were selling an infant cupcake costume.  It stung a little because I wish we could have both of our cupcakes with us, but I know Zoe was smiling down on us throughout the whole day.  

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