NO More Pappies!

Lulu is such a big girl.  After my Pappy Wars post last week, I was working up a grandiose and life-damaging meltdown in my head.  I couldn't decide whether Londyn needed it to help with her grieving or whether it was just a normal pacifier situation.  Either way, I was avoiding it all together because just as much as she is attached to the pappy... secretly, so am I.  My baby is getting so independent.  Apparently, I was the one who needed to put my big girl pants on because Londyn took it upon herself to declare yesterday morning that she wanted to take her pappies to Target and trade them in for a toy.  My jaw dropped because aside from the iPad request last week, she had always said that she wasn't ready to get rid of her pappies.  I guess she needed to take matters into her own hands and parent herself.  So we bagged up all of the many pappies around the house and headed to Target.  It took two trips to the big red money-sucking building, but she did it!  

Here we go!

This was her pick on the first trip to Target....

but... she just wasn't sold yet.

Aftr about 1.5 hours of toy grabbing and oodling... she set her big brown eyes on this cash register.  She has been wanting one of these for a long time and plays pretend "store" at home on a regular basis.  I was even more happy that it was a third of the price of some of the other toys she had her eyes on.

The exchange...

It's official!

Can't get enough of her cash register.   

The true test was at about 8:30pm when it was time for bed.  Not one whimper, whine or cry for a pappy came from this little-big girl.  Instead she chanted, "NO MORE PAPPIES!  NO MORE PAPPIES!  NO MORE PAPPIES!"  In the middle of the night, she woke up frantic and told me that the red pappy wasn't in the bag that she took to Target.  Instead of wanting a pappy fix, she was worried that she didn't get rid of every last one.  I got her to calm down and then she quickly went back to sleep on her "ground bed".

It's tough watching her grow up so quickly, but I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to do so.
New life goal?  Cherish each and every moment, for it may be the last.

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