SHS Homecoming 2012

This weekend was Homecoming in our town of Sherwood and now that I have three nieces in high school, we went to the Homecoming parade on Friday.  We got to watch my brother Kev drive Mikayla's float about underage drinking awareness with Kyler, Emma and Mary in the truck as well.  We also watched Megan and Kamry dance for the Arrows in the parade too.

Me: What was your favorite part of the parade Lulu?

I had the chance to do some updo's for a couple girls in our ward.  Styling hair is one of my absolute favorite things to do!  

I love this girl.  
I got to do Princess Chelsey's hair at 6:45am on Friday morning for the morning assembly.
We accentuated her fabulous blunt bangs with a poof and tightly pinned curls in a bun.
She was crowned Homecoming Queen later that day. 

 Congrats Chelsey!

Morgann wanted some loose curls, pinned half up.  It turned out super cute!

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