Mommy Londyn

Londyn has always loved playing with her dolls.  She is such a sweet little mommy with her babies.  Since Zoe's passing, she often takes care of her baby dolls just like we used to take care of Zoe.  When changing her dolly's diaper, she makes sure to use "cream" just like Zoe needed with her rash from the continuous feeds.  Sometimes Londyn says her baby is sick and needs a tube to breathe or needs to go to the hospital.  

Sometimes people think that because Londyn is only three years old, that she isn't affected by the death of her baby sister.  But I know that isn't true.  We were eating lunch today after church and she said, "Jesus died for us Mommy.  He died just like Zoe."  I told her that someday we will see Zoe and Jesus again.  She then got quiet and said "I want my baby.  I miss Zoe."  

We have been told that it is healthy for Londyn to play cemetery and hospital like she does.  It makes my heart heavy but I know that it is just her way of coping.  Her daily prayers give me hope and comfort when she prays for her sister and that we will all be together someday.  I believe and have faith that Lulu will grow stronger and happier because of Zoe... that we all will actually.  

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