Innovative Dance

This past week Lulu attended her first dance class at Innovative Dance, a studio about 20 minutes away in Wilsonville.  Londyn absolutely adores dance and I have always wanted her to get the best dance education at Innovative, but the commute was inconvenient with my sweet baby Zoe and all of her needs.  

I have decided to embrace my new role of going back to only having one child to raise here on earth and be involved and present for Londyn.  I now have so much time and flexibility to focus on creating special moments and good experiences for our family.

With this different life of ours, there is excitement in trying new things!
At Innovative, we have a newteacher... new parents and new friends.  

The reason I chose Innovative is because several of the teachers that I trained with as a young dancer are now teachers there.  In fact, Londyn's teacher for her Tap, Jazz & Acro class was one of my absolute favorites, Creslynn.  Creslynn is an amazing teacher and choreographer.  It is so fun to watch my daughter learn from someone that taught and inspired me to dance.  

We are both excited for this new adventure and experience!

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