Autumn Time

The mornings are crisp and cool, fresh pressed cider has hit the shelves and the ever changing leaves are falling.  

It's Autumn time!  

A few weeks ago, we hit up Lee Farms for the first time.  It was a perfect day!  The sun was shining with temperatures in the low 70's.  

Whenever we do something especially fun together, Londyn calls it "Family Time."  She gets so excited if we tell her we're going out for Family Time... even if it's just running errands or grabbing a Costco hot dog.  All she wants is time together as a family.  I melt every time we come home from going out and she says "That was a fun family time, guys."  

I pick the cute one in the middle!

Best hayride ever!  
We saw Christmas trees, a pond, turkey's, cows, chickens and lots more!

My favorite pumpkins

Lee Farms has so many animals to see!
Here's Goatel 6.

Chicks, Goats, Piggies & Calves

Londyn had her very first pony ride.  
Zoe was with us that day as Lulu's pony was named Gracie.  

Family Time

We didn't get pumpkins at Lee Farms because we wanted to pick pumpkins in an actual patch.  Lulu posing... again.  Such a diva!

Londyn is big on the number 3 these days.  Her number is 3 because she is three years old.  She is constantly asking me what my number is and anyone else's.  Lately, she thinks that everything needs to come in three's as well.  For example, when she has earned dessert after eating her dinner- she declares that she needs three chocolate covered pretzels because she is three.  

At the pumpkin patch, we were only going to get a pumpkin for Andrew and I to carve and one for Lulu to decorate.  But no.  We HAD to have three pumpkins.  Oh the logic of a three year old.  

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