We had a fun day of service today, both giving and receiving.

My sis-in-law Rebecca started an awesome tradition of making "Blessing Bags" to be given to homeless people in preparation for the cold winter months.  She sends out a sign up in September for families in the community to donate items for the bags.  Today was the day for families to gather in their barn to put the bags together, write letters and draw pictures to include and eat a yummy Fall treat.  I'm sure I'll forget some items, but the bags include bottled water, socks, gloves, bandaids, chapstick, fruit snacks, granola bar, crackers, mints, cough drops, gum, tissues, tooth brush, floss and tooth paste and maxi pads.  Rebecca then gives the option to take a couple bags and deliver on your own to homeless people or their family will donate them to the Portland Rescue Mission.  

Before dinner last night, I explained to Lulu what we would be doing.  She didn't really think much about it, except for the fact that she got to go to Becca's house.  This morning, she ran in at about 7am and said "Mom!  We need to go to Becca's house and make bags for the people on the sidewalk."  Pretty good for a 3 year old!

After making the blessing bags, we went to a Veterans Day ceremony at the Veterans Park here in Sherwood.  Since school is closed for the holiday, I asked my niece Mikayla if she wanted to tag along!  Lulu loves her "Kay-wah"

It is always inspiring to hear the Star Spangled Banner, see the American flag and hear from veterans who have served our country.  I love sharing the patriotism we have in our home with Londyn.  She is always quick to point out the flag when she see's one.  Although she usually says, "Look!  It's America!"  It's true though.  Our nations red, white and blue flag represents everything that is America.  I was especially proud when we stood as the color guard began the flag ceremony and I noticed Londyn place her right hand over her heart, after she noticed that I did.

After the ceremony, she went up to one of the information tables and grabbed the pin that she is wearing in the bottom right photo.  She said "Daddy will be so happy when he see's my flag!"

After spending the morning in the crisp cold air, we stopped for doughnuts and hot cocoa.  Yum!

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