Christmas at Randall Children's Hospital

Last weekend, Randall Children's Hospital held their annual Christmas party for patients that have stayed in the hospital for 5 days or more.  We received an invitation for Zoe and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take Londyn back to the hospital for the first time since her sister died.  

The party was amazing and so well done.  We truly felt special.  

Santa rode in on a "train" with police escort.  Londyn was fascinated! 

While waiting in line to see Santa, every child got to pick out a brand new puzzle to take home.  
We were also given a little form to fill out with our child's name, age and interest.  Andrew marked Art as Lulu's interest and after sitting on Santa's lap, Santa gave Londyn a brand new Crayola art kit.  It was awesome!

Police Officers walked around offering candy to everyone.

They had 10 tables with lots of fun crafts for the kids to make and Londyn LOVED it!  She could have spent the whole day there.

After the party, we visited our friends the Wormer's in the PICU.  This was our first time meeting Delylah and she is absolutely adorable.  She especially loved Andrew and couldn't stop smiling at him.  When I went up to talk to her, she just looked around for him!  

Too cute!

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