Gilver the He-Z Boi

Andrew and I have always named our cars with love.  We decided to name the newest member of our family Mullet, because when you sit in the front seat... it's all business.  It's like you're sitting in a spacious car... and then you look in the back and there's all this space!  Hence, Mullet.  After I told Londyn, she said "Ummm... I'm going to call it Heezie Boy"  Of course, we like her name better.

Her official name is Gilver (gold/silver color) the He-Z Boi.

Our two favorite features are the third row and the sliding doors.  It's like an oversized wagon or a miniature mini van with 6 seats!

The sliding doors are genius.

The morning after we bought He-Z, Andrew took Londyn out to go shopping.  He came back with new floor mats AND an extra booster seat.  I love taking Lulu's friends but unlike the other moms, we don't have extra car seats and only one extra seat in the car.  But now we can take up to 3 extra friends.  Andrew also got me a cell phone holder that attaches to the windshield, so I can conveniently use my GPS or answer calls on speaker phone.  Since I will primarily be driving this car, my husband was sweet enough to dress it up with me in mind.  My favorite addition is Zoe's memorial decal that he added on the back.

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