Naughty or Nice

In the past, it has been hit or miss in the Santa department.  Londyn has always loved the idea of him and his generosity, but that was the extent of her fondness.
This year has been much different.  Being three years old, she is all about the magic of Santa and his workshop at the North Pole.  After writing Santa a letter last Thursday, we paid him a visit.  

Even though Londyn was nervous, she was so brave!  Once it was her turn, she walked right up to him and sat on his lap.  She just kept looking at the camera with a frozen smile on her face.  After Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she responded with "a kitchen table" (it's a play table that is a kitchen too... don't ask.  We're not thrilled about it, but it's all she wants.)  Once she started talking to him, she was more at ease.  Although the photos were ridiculously overpriced, we only get a few more years of this magic and I think the memory is worth every penny.  

Another discovery this year is using Santa as one of my most powerful parenting tools.  Lulu fully comprehends the concept of Naughty or Nice... and when she's acting up, I ask "Naughty or Nice?"  Usually she says "Nice" and then turns her attitude around but today when I picked her up from nursery class she was being sassy and I said "Naughty or Nice??"  She said, "Naughty."

It works most of the time.

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