Craigslist Find!

I've been looking for an affordable dresser to have in the nursery, but couldn't pay the outrageous retail cost! Everyday, I have been scouring Craigslist for a good find but haven't been able to find my money's worth. Lo and behold, patience IS a virtue! I found this adorable hutch and dresser for $75.00 on Craigslist, used my charm and got it for $65.00! To match the nursery, we're going to give it a nice and new paint job in black.
The style fits my vision for Londyn's bedroom.


Brendi68 said...

You are one savvy, frugal shopper!

The Garver Family said...

Way to go. Good find. I'm so proud of you...I think it'll look really good in black, too.