Snuggie Lovin'

Ever since the infomercials for the Snuggie came out on TV, I have been convinced that it is sheer genius. Now, I have noticed many poking fun at this fabulous and friendly "invention" but seriously, a blanket... with arms?! We ALL could use one of those. I get so cold... ALL the time and instantly grab a blanket... but yet, I can't use the remote control when watching TV, or hold my book when reading... OH THE AGONY!!! But now, with the fabulous and functional Snuggie, I can do all of the above!

I didn't want to spend the money on one because on TV they are way more than I want to spend on an over sized piece of fleece... but my Mom who has seen me light up whenever the Snuggie commercials come on TV, found one for $14.99 at Walgreen's. That's right! Only $14.99, for a limited time offer... at your nearest Walgreen's! Okay... I watch too many infomercials.
Those people really know how to get me!

But seriously, if I haven't convinced you with this post... tune in to the infomercials!
They'll get you too!


The Porters said...

haha I just love you and thats the end :)

coffee maker said...

the two best infomercial products ever have to the Snuggie and the Shamwow... i wonder if it's possible to combine the two, and make a single, super-absorbent robe?