Melt My Heart

The newest PC commercial has because a highlight in my television time! Kylie, age 4 1/2 is the most adorable little Asian girl with spunk. I gotta say, the kid reminds me of myself back in the day. Check the video out on YouTube.com if you haven't already! She is the most precious thing you have ever seen!


Brendi68 said...

It's funny that you said she reminds you of yourself when you were little cuz that was my first reaction the first time I saw this commercial! I love her little voice! She is just the cutest! I also thought that that is what your kids would look like!!

Armitage Family said...

I sure hope so! With Andrew and I as her parents, Londyn is bound to have some spunk :)

The Lathrop's said...

she is sooo cute!!