For Family Home Evening last night, we watched An Unlikely Mormon: The Conversion Story of Glenn Beck. It was such a wonderful and touching story, filled with an overflowing testimony and honesty. I really felt connected to some of the experiences he explains from my own trials in life. Although I was raised in the LDS church since I was a baby, I still had my own converting to do in gaining a personal testimony of Jesus Christ. Glenn Beck is such a strong man and Son of God as he portrays his conversion story in hitting rock-bottom and getting to where he is today. I see him in a whole new light and truly admire his honesty. If you have not had the opportunity to see this DVD, it's a must see!


The Garver Family said...

You are so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been interested in finding out more about Glenn Beck...and what better way to do it than to watch a video for FHE. :) Thanks for the idea.

The Lathrop's said...

this sounds like a good FHE for us :o)