McCabe Group Giveaway!

Through the blogging grapevine, I found this giveaway offered through the McCabe Real Estate Group in Sherwood. I was enticed to check it out, knowing this family-owned group is in my local community and not only find homes for families, but also participate in Cancer awareness and the Relay for Life. Join this blog, watch their videos and take a shot at their giveaway!

click the link below
In and Around Sherwood Oregon


Todd and Leslie McCabe said...

Thank you for joining our blog and for blogging about our Giveaway too!! We sincerely appreciate you and your blog site is beautiful!!
The McCabe's, Leslie and Todd

The Garver Family said...

I sure hope you feel better Kacie! The office really smells, so it's best you weren't there...I felt sick all day and I don't even have a baby brewing as an excuse!

Love the nursery you've picked out, too...she'll be styling, of course.