What a fabulous birthday I have thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did I get tons of sweet birthday messages and cards, I had a well spent day with loved ones. My very first birthday present was Londyn waking me up 3 times in the night ( to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday... or something like that), then I had lunch with my sis Jenelle, sis Bec and friend Steph at my favorite teriyaki joint, Bon Teriyaki. THEN... enjoyed some pampering and went Target shopping with Mama Mia- plus dinner at Red Robin. AND... to end the evening, my man got home early @ 8pm and we watched Parks & Recreation and The Office- our two very favorite shows.
Since I didn't get to celebrate my birthday with Andrew yesterday, due to his crazy schedule- today was my birthday in our home! If you know me at all, you would know that I wasn't at all opposed to celebrating two days in a row! Bring it on! So the celebrating began when I had lunch at my favorite Mexican joint, Ixtapa with my friends Erin and Josie. I love those women. Then, I came home to a spotless house and a very sweet surprise on the kitchen table. Andrew knows how faithful I have been to my healthy eating habits, so he prepared an unconventional but creative birthday cake- just for me. He prepared a delicious cucumber with drizzled vinegar and salt and pepper. Then- (this is the best part) he sterilized a drill bit and drilled 5 perfect holes down the center for the candles to fit. That's my man. Next, I opened the card and inside were two tickets to the premiere showing of New Moon and a handwritten disclaimer which states that he will not make fun during or after the movie about anything that takes place in the film. Impressive. Plus... dinner at the restaurant of my choice!
My favorite gift of all... time spent with the Mr. We dropped the baby off at grandma's and went out to dinner- just us. Then rented a Redbox flick and watched a movie in the comfort of our own home- just us. Best part of my birthday...? Just us.


Kelly(M&M) said...

Happy Birthday, Kacie! What a great family and sweet hubby you have!

Brendi68 said...

Yea Kacie ! What a sweet hubby you have!! LOL
You look great...the color of your dress is very flattering.

Armitage Home said...

Kelly- thanks! You're a sweetheart :)

Brenda- I DO have a pretty rockin' husband! Job well done, Ma! Thanks on the dress- I'm trying to get my style back ;) haha

Jen Demaris said...

Wow that sounds fun! Happy late Bday! I will have Clint read your blog and take some notes! I like!

Aaron + Kayti said...

i love husbands - i am glad that you guys have each other :)

you look fantastic by the way!!


Armitage Home said...

Thanks Kayti! We FINALLY found keepers, eh? Love ya!