matching monday.

Kollen & Kayden ... 5 & 3.
Kollen and Kayden are adorable! These boys are often seen laughing and having a good time together. Kollen, who is loving and affectionate, is a very active, athletic four-year old who loves sports. He also has an adventuresome spirit and lots of curiosity so he needs attentive supervision to keep him safe. His favorite playthings are toy cars, and he and Kayden often race them together. Kayden is a cheerful two-and-a-half year old whose bubbly personality is one of the first things people notice. Kayden is very independent and wants to do everything for himself. He is currently working on potty training and takes great pride in how far he has come. Kayden’s favorite plaything is Ruff Ruff, his stuffed dog, and he will not go to sleep without him. Kayden is enthralled with big vehicles, like buses and construction equipment, and screams with excitement when he spots them. Both boys are currently attending pre-school and take pride in their accomplishments. Their art work is hung on the walls of their foster home for all to see.

Annahbelle "Bella" & William "Willie" ... 5 & 4.
Bella and Willie are cuties with blond hair and blue eyes who have amazing spunk and personality. Both children are usually on the move whether they are climbing on the play structure outside or on the floor indoors with toys or puzzles.

Jason ... 10.
Jason loves to play outdoors, riding his bike, shooting hoops, and playing with others. He also enjoys watching cartoons on TV and coloring. Jason, who needs help in structuring his time, absolutely loves to have adults interact with him – he is very responsive to hugs and affection and to parental encouragement and praise. Jason typically follows parental requests and house rules without any problems. Most of the time, he is happy kid. He enjoys going to school and learning new things. He also has a real interest in being part of whatever is going on in the family – he especially likes to help out around the house and to participate in various projects. A handsome boy with a slim build, large, dark eyes and curly hair, Jason has been described by recent foster parents as loving and wanting to behave.

*** For more information on these children, click on their names in bold. Feel free to visit and view more waiting children at the Northwest Adoption Exchange.

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