matching monday.

Anthony & Adrian ... 9 & 5.

Anthony wants to do well and to make the significant adults in his life proud. He is eager to please and likes to help. He follows directions easily, is always willing to help, and will ask if there is anything else that needs to be done before going to play. Anthony wants meaningful relationships with others. He enjoys school and loves spending time with his brothers.

Adrian is a joy, according to his foster parents – loving, adaptable, and affectionate! He thrives on attention. Adrian, who is almost always smiling and makes good eye contact, likes to tell jokes. He is very inquisitive, too, and always wants to know why, how, when, and what. Generally a happy child, he is eager to please and help out – he especially enjoys helping with laundry. Very active and very adventurous, playing basketball is a favorite activity; he likes playing other games, too, and going to the park to swing, run, and climb.

Ruach, Navah & Nachum ... 6, 3, & 1.

These brothers are energetic and playful, and most importantly, love to be cuddled.

Ruach is a charmer with beautiful green eyes, freckles, and a smile that can light up a room! Ruach thrives on attention from adults, is extremely bright for his age and loves to learn and experience new things. He is more than ready to begin kindergarten in the fall.

Navah is the quietest of the boys and will take a little longer to "warm up" to new people and places. He often looks to his big brother for reassurance and security. Navah has warm brown eyes and a shy smile that will melt your heart!

Nachum is very close in height and weight to Navah. Nachum has dark brown hair and brown eyes and is a very good natured baby who sleeps through the night, eats well, and is just starting to say words like "mama" and "dada." He is now walking, and is always on the move exploring his world!

Kenneth ... 6.

Kenny has been making wonderful strides over the last months. He is now talking in complete sentences and can make his wishes known (he will tell you if he is tired of doing something). He loves music, playing outside – and he has mastered his two wheeler bike – without the training wheels!

Kenny, who is eligible for DD services, has symptoms characteristic of children who have autism. To help him improve his behavior and speech, he goes to weekly therapy with his foster parents. He also is in a developmental school program, with an individual education plan to assist him with his delays, communication and behaviors..

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