tag... you're it.

What are your middle names? Kacie Linh & Andrew Thomas
How long have you been together? It all began in May 2008
How long did you know each other before you started dating? A month of e-mails and phone calls.
Who asked who out? He asked me!
Whose siblings do you see the most? Mine. We live so close! We wish we were closer to his though!
Do you have any children together? One darling baby girl.
What about pets? Been there. Done that.
Did you go to the same school? Nope.
Who is the most sensitive? I'm a chick. Of course, me.
Where do you eat out most as a couple? Wherever is cheap or free.
Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Massachusetts.
Who has the worst temper? Me. I'm a force to be reckoned with!
Who does the cooking? Duh. Me.
Who is more social? Me. Totally.
Who is the neat freak? Mostly me...
Who is the most stubborn? Tied.
Who hogs the bed? Andrew. Hello? He's huge and has a habit of stealing the covers and sneaking my pillow in the middle of the night.
Who wakes up earlier? Andrew. Unless I'm up with the baby.
Where was your first date? The day after we met.
Who has the bigger family? Andrew- one of seven.
Do you get flowers often? Not often, but enough for me.
Who eats more? Andrew.
Who sings better? Neither.
Who does the laundry? Me.
Who is better with the computer? Andrew. Smarty-pants.
Who drives when you are together? Both.
Who picks where you go to dinner? We are both terrible at making decisions. But, usually me... because eating out is my absolute favorite thing to do!
Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? Me... but in a girly way, expecting him to say it too! Terrible, I know.
Who wears the pants in this relationship? Secretly, it's me. Not to kill his ego, but I keep us together ;) haha
Who eats more sweets? Does this question even need an answer? ANDREW.
Who cries more? Does this question even need an answer. ME.
What's your best day together? Saturday. Just us.
Where did you honeymoon? The islands of Hawaii. We always talk about how much we miss "the cruise."
Favorite date night? Eating out. Movies at home.
Couple I imagine us growing old like? The Notebook couple. We are so super cheesy and love to cuddle. I see us still being that way in our old age.


cici said...

You guys are too cute!!

Aaron + Kayti said...

i am so glad that you two found each other and i am so happy that you are happy! LOVES

Armitage Home said...

Thanks girls :) We are pretty happy we found each other too.