trick question.

how many diets does it take... to lose the baby weight?
In my preggo state, I gained exactly 60 lbs. The naive part of me... was no doubt, in denial... as somehow I figured that ALL 60 lbs. were "little" miss Londyn. WRONG. To my dismay, Londie Lou weighed in at 9 lbs 5 oz at birth. Not even close to 60 lbs. Granted, there was lots of nasty labor garb in there too. For the most part, the first 30 lbs came off by the end of the first month. But, in the last 3 months- I have been attacking the remaining 30 lbs like an Asian in a Jackie Chan flick.
Overall, the weight loss has been a journey.
I started out with the HCG diet... which led to much controversy and hunger pains. I lost 14 lbs in 30 days with that sucker. Next, I tackled the Medifast diet, which led me to a 6 lb loss in 3 weeks and more freedom in my diet. Now, I am currently on the Atkins diet which I have done in the past and found great results. With all of these diets, I have combined discipline with exercise. Not one cheating day on my record.
Why is losing the weight so important to me? More importantly, being healthy is key. When I was pregnant, McD's was my home away from home. When Andrew and I would get into a disagreement, he knew how to get me... and would bring me a 10-piece chicken nugget meal with a LARGE fry and a LARGE Diet Coke... then, all was right in the world.
The other reason for my extreme desire to lose the weight... is because the Marine Corps Birthday Ball is on November 6th and I am determined to fit into the gown I wore last year... not only to meet my goal of reaching pre-preggo weight, but because we really cannot afford another dress. Some may think I'm crazy... I won't disagree. Nevertheless, I feel much healthier, stronger and more energized.
10 more lbs- BRING IT ON!
p.s. I miss french fries.


Brendi68 said...

you are doing awesome Kacie!!

rlmquest said...

OK this was hilarious...you should be a writer!!!! And maybe a dietician!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks Bec! But I'll leave that talent for Kev :) I'm pretty sure my rapid switching of diets wouldn't be so pleasing to a dietician... but I'll take it!