matching monday

Kimberly ... 10.
Kimberly is a darling girl for whom dance is an important part of her life. It is her love of dance that helps her to focus her high energy in healthy ways, garner the attention she craves, and feel good about herself. Currently she’s involved in several types of dance classes including ballet, jazz, and tap.

Kimberly also enjoys playing with the animals that are in her current foster home.

Kimberly thrives on routine and structure, as well as clear rules, expectations, and boundaries. She is very responsive to praise and loves to be a “helper.”

Brandon... 2.
Brandon is a darling baby boy who continues to live in the same excellent, loving, and highly skilled foster home where he was placed following his premature and complicated birth.

While Brandon is able to sit, stand, crawl, walk, play with toys, and feed himself using his hands, he has significant development difficulties, some of which will be life-long.

When Brandon was born 10-weeks prematurely, he was not breathing and had to be resuscitated; at the same time, he suffered a severe brain bleed. All of these circumstances have left him with significant developmental challenges, including vision impairment. He is only able to see peripherally from the lower and outer corners of his eyes, which affect his abilities in many areas, e.g., he cannot yet use utensils to feed himself and he has to feel around with his hands to find the toys he wants.

Dewayne ... 9.
Dewayne is an extremely bright, high energy, and assertive boy of African American and Caucasian heritage. He is fascinated by sea creatures and really enjoys fishing. He also enjoys playing soccer. He is, reportedly, such a good player that ‘he could beat all the other teams on his own!’ DeWayne loves monster trucks and has actually been to some of the rallies. Among his favorite playthings are remote control toy cars.

*** For more information on these children, click on their names in bold. Feel free to visit and view more waiting children at the Northwest Adoption Exchange.

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