Family Road Trip

The past 7 days have been SO MUCH FUN for our family! Last Friday we set out on our first road trip with Londie Lou and headed to Utah to visit family and friends for some much needed R&R.

The drive lasted a record time of 12 hours with a 9 month old baby who was surprisingly an angel. She played, slept and ate... making for a fabulous start on our adventure!
Although we had visited only 2 1/2 months ago, the cousins had so much more fun with Londyn because she could crawl and play with them. They loved holding her and watching her chubby little self get around. The mass amounts of slobber and drool that came from Londyn's mouth was their least favorite part.
We got to spend lots of time with Nana & Pop Pop! Aside from the everyday down-time, just hanging out and having fun, we were able to go to the Home Show in Orem, out to dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant: Sam Hawk and dessert at Cold Stone, out to lunch at Winger's... breakfast at a yummy coffee shop in downtown Payson and yummy homemade meals with the fam. I promise, not all of our fun was spent eating!
Londyn and I took a drive to Springville and visited my friend Lindsay and her son Jaxon. Lindsay and I went to beauty school together a few years ago. Times have sure changed! Now we get to hang out and catch up with our kiddos! Love ya Linds!
At the Home Show, Pops got a helicopter play-structure for the grandkids to play on! Once it arrived, Andrew was excited to put it together!
While the sun was out most of our visit, Londyn and I took a walk to a park nearby and enjoyed the warm rays!
It's been over a year since I have seen my cousin Kayti and her hubby Aaron. FINALLY, we were able to see them and introduce them to Londyn! Our first visit was at In n' Out (my first experience... and will not be the last) for lunch and then they also came to a family BBQ in Payson. I love my cousin and her hilarious husband! Miss you guys!
We also saw my best friend Andre. Andrew and I always look forward to spending time with Andre. He adores Londyn and is so much fun to be around. Of course, a visit with Andre would not be complete without a photo shoot with his fabulous camera (photos to come soon). He claims that Londyn is America's Next Top Model. Love you Uncle Andre!
With all of our visits and time spent with family... ultimately, my favorite times were spent with each other. Rarely do I get to have full and entire days to just hang out with my man. It was nice to sleep in, relax and enjoy our family.
Our trip ended way to soon and the drive home was not anticipated. Unfortunately, I got very sick the night before our departure and I was not much use on the car ride home. To our surprise, Londyn was again, a sweetheart and no trouble at all. She slept, ate and played the whole way home. We turned her car seat foward-facing before we left and she loved being a big girl and being able to see us, the whole way home!
One of our favorite visits is not pictured but we were able to spend some time with some of the Marine wives from Andrew's former unit. Their husbands have about 2 months left in Afghanistan and will soon be home! Visiting with them meant so much to us and hearing what's really going on over there was a blessing. These wives are so strong and truly an example to me. I keep them in my prayers! Thanks for letting us visit Megan & Stephanie!

We had the time of our lives on this trip! It would not have been complete without family and friends. They are what made this trip special!


Laura said...

I so wish I could have seen you! My brother had a track meet in Ogden that day and I thought I was going to make it down but it ended up going later than I thought. I really hope we can see eachother soon! I think you are the cutest family ever and you are seriously such an example to me of what kind of wife I want to be when JD gets back. I look up to you so much.

Armitage Home said...

Wow Laura! You sure know how to give someone a compliment! You are such a sweetheart :) Ironically, I think the same thing about you when I read your blog! Especially with how thrifty you are with your crafts and especially how you come up with fun projects to do with Kenedi. You are an awesome mama! Love ya girl! Next time we visit, it's a date!

The Porters said...

It was so fun to see you and just catch up! I miss you and wish you lived closer!! You will have to email me some of those pictures :) Love ya! Hope you are all feeling better now, being sick is the pits!