girls just want to have fun.

While Andrew is away at drill all weekend, what better therapy than to have a girls weekend? Today I took two of my nieces, Mikayla, Kamry and their friends Megan and Emily to the mall for lunch and shopping. Londyn was such a trooper and pulled through the entire outing. It was fun to crank up the "hot" tunes and wave to all the random cars passing us by.
Oh the adventures of being a teen again!

Then we came back home and hung out for a while... which led to a sleepover, including my nieces Mikayla, Kamry, Megan, Kaylee and my adopted niece for a day- Megan D. We had a full house! Once Londie Lou went to bed, the fun began! But it's all fun and games until your oldest niece Mikayla duct tapes your cupboards, fridge and microwave shut.
haha... very funny Mikayla.

Of course, the girls got hungry... which led to the preparation of a hearty and nutritious spread of mac n' cheese, tater tots and Country Time lemonade. What can I say? I'm a health nut!

Thanks for the fab time this weekend girls! I love being an aunt!


Brendi68 said...

That duct tape means you never have to cook again!

Armitage Home said...

LOL I didn't realize that the duct tape incident was a blessing in disguise! Actually, I thought it might be a good diet technique... but then I got hungry.