mom moments

Mom Moments... ya know, the ones that take place and you take a step back and realize you're really doing it. Being "The Mom."
When I was little and wreaking havoc, wanting this and that and touching breakables in antique stores that I wasn't supposed to (long story... I broke an antique phone after being instructed to "look with your eyes and not with your hands." This led to hours of chores to pay off the dang phone) ... of course, I would always question my mothers authority and she would say, time and time again, "because I am THE MOM and when you're The Mom, you can do it your way." Now that I think about it, I have always wanted to be a mother... my life's dream. But, did I want to be The Mom because of the control factor? To do WHAT I want, WHEN I want?...pshh... nah.

Two nights ago, I had a Mom Moment. After a pretty average day of singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 20,000 times, running and folding laundry, getting Gerber Sweet Peas sneezed into my hair, taking out and putting away toys 18 times, getting a 30 minute workout in, grocery shopping, working on my YW lesson, taking the baby for a walk, throwing something on the stove for dinner and awaiting my husband's arrival in a sexy little number that I like to refer to as over-sized sweats and smelling of perfume I sprayed to mask the soy formula that got spit up all over me... I decided to take a bubble bath before I plopped in to bed for a long-awaited recharging. When I got into the bath tub, I closed my eyes and tried to think of nothing. I usually sing in the tub, getting in touch with the stage diva in me. When I opened my eyes, I looked around and saw tons of bath toys... foam letters, a rubber ducky and hippo and about a bazillion more. When I got in the tub, the toys didn't even faze me. This was my Mom Moment. Toys in my bubble bath are a regular occurance now. Smelling like soy formula is just as good as any perfume... and taking bites of Gerber Sweet Peas to trick my child into eating them is a day in the life of this mom.

I'm really doing it. Last night, Londyn and I fell asleep on the sofa. All I could think about was that there's nothing better than being a mom and having those little moments. Family is all that matters.

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Laura said...

That is so sweet! You are such a great Mom and wife and you have really helped me realize what a blessing it is to have my own family. I don't know what I would do without them, and I hope to do as good of a job with my kids and husband as you do with yours.