Londyn see's you!
We just weighed the "chunk" and she has reached the 20lb. mark! She is movin' and groovin' all over the place, so much that we finally had to put the gate up this morning. At first she thought it was a fun toy to pull her up, but once Daddy climbed over and went upstairs... she was hoping for a "get out of jail free card" and started to cry. What a meanie, that Daddy-man.

As most of you might know, the MC was planned to send Andrew for 2 months of training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. This has been an on-going event that has been pushed out 3 times already, so we were sure he was going in April, as they had told him. Unfortunately, we were notified that he will not be leaving until June "or after." Whatever that means! Is this wife complaining? Not at all! (well maybe a bit)
So what are we doing about this little predicament? We're taking lemons and making lemonade! That's right, we're loading up the car and running away from our problems! (okay so that might be a little dramatic, but what else would you expect from me?) We're taking our first road trip with Londyn to Utah! We had planned to go to Utah and visit the Armitage clan in July, after Andrew's return from training. But, since he'll probably be gone around that time, we are pushing the trip up to... NOW! It was fun to call my MIL and ask her how she would feel if we showed up at her doorstep tomorrow! I can't wait for Londie Lou to see Nana and Pop Pop again, along with the rest of her aunts, uncles and cousins.
We will be staying for an entire week! We have no agenda and no obligations. Just the goal to HAVE FUN! Andrew really deserves this break... and hey, so do I!


Brendi68 said...

Hey! Cant wait! And what do you really think my answer would be about you guys just showing up??? So glad that we have the extra bedrooms. Seriously....CANT WAIT!!!!

Laura said...

I will be in town too! If you have time I would love to see you guys!