Cuzins Camp 2010

Every year my mom, sister and sis-in-law plan a week of events and activities for the grandkids, known as Cuzins Camp. Cuzins Camp is an entire week of fun with a theme and sleepovers, crafts, spiritual thoughts, learning new skills, performing acts of service and best of all... time spent together! The grandkids look forward to Cuzins Camp every Summer! Usually the activities take place in their homes, but this year Grandma decided to do it big by renting a beach house in Lincoln City. Although Londyn is just a wee-bit-of-a-nothing, we were invited to join in the fun! All together, we had 4 adults and all 10 of the Milne grandkiddos. We are fortunate to have all of the cousins so close... and even in the same city of Sherwood!

Londyn and I hit the road on Tuesday and came back this morning. Although I knew that Londyn would be out of her comfort zone in a new place... somehow I thought I would be able to handle it all by myself easier than I did. Of course, my family knows I don't handle stress and anxiety well... so it was a learning experience. I learned that Londyn loves her schedule and pretty much demands it... or all will pay. When I tried to skip one of her naps... she wouldn't let me get away with it. Since she is still holding on to an AM nap AND a PM nap... it was hard to do everything with the gang but everyone was really understanding and could relate to a 1 year old and a first-time mama.

Londie Lou is still little and couldn't participate in all of the awesome activities planned, like the fashion show, spa day, tide pools and crafts. But we were able to spend time in the sand on the beach, go shopping at the outlet mall, eat at Mo's and just hang out! Thank you Grandma Milne for a fabulously fun Cuzins Camp!

The perfect beach view from our room window

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Laura said...

That is such a great idea!!! I totally want to start doing that with our family. Such a great way to stay close.