One year ago today...

My Dearest Baby Girl,

About 8 1/2 hours and one year ago today, I held you in my arms with your daddy over my shoulder, peering down at a miracle. A miracle that was and still is you.
On that day, you made me a mother. The occupation of "mother" is more than just a position, it is an honor. I am so proud to comfort you when sad and make you laugh until your eyes water. You hold up to your middle name, "Joy" in every way. Your smile is contagious and you bring happiness and joy to everyone around you.

At this stage in your life, you are very active and constantly go-go-going! You have taken two steps here and there but are completely content with crawling to get yourself where you want to go. You love to get into every drawer and pull its contents out with a big grin on your face. Your appetite is hearty and you will eat anything and everything placed in front of you. You always love an audience to entertain and constantly ham it up with your star quality. You smile and charm strangers in every store and restaurant. And you have all of your family members wrapped around your tiny finger, eating out of the palm of your hand.

My love for you grows deeper and stronger every day that I get to be your mom. I may not always know the answers or know exactly how to care for you, but on those occasions I can pray to our Heavenly Father to guide me. You are a daughter of a King, who loves you and is always here for you. I am humbled by the miracle that you are in my life and my testimony and faith in our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ has strengthened in this last year, watching you thrive.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby Londyn. I will always adore you.

Your Proud Mommy

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