Sunday Best

Getting Londyn dressed and ready is like playing baby dolls every day. I get to dress her up in cute little outfits with matching accessories.

I especially love getting her ready for church on Sundays because it is a special day. Growing up, I was always taught to dress in my Sunday best... out of respect for my Heavenly Father. In my mind, I always wanted to make sure I looked clean and modest, as I would if the Savior was attending our service.

I hope to instill those thoughts in my children as I want them to be prepared for their Sunday worship, not just in their appearance but in their mind and heart. All too often, Sunday mornings are hectic... packing the church bag full of snacks, bottles, diapers and toys... Andrew and I getting ready and then making sure Londyn is fed, rested & dressed. It is not always an easy feat. But in all of the chaos, I hope I can make it more of a tradition to uphold reverence in our home throughout our sabbath days.

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