Summer Days

Londie Lou and I went up to the Milne farm for a visit this afternoon. It's always fun to hang out with the Milne's, especially because Kyler adores Londyn and get's so excited when she arrives! He is so cute and protective of her. Kyler and Londyn are 2 years apart and it's a relief to know that she will have her big strong cousin to watch out for her throughout the years to come!

Also, my niece Mikayla was babysitting lil' guy Andrew so Londyn did her best to keep up with the boys outside and in the pool.

Here is Mary teaching Londyn her excellent piano playing skills. This ones for you Nana Brendi! I hope Londyn will have some of her Nana's passion and talent for the piano.

Aunt Rebecca was playing outside with the kiddos while I was cutting some of my nieces' hair. The boys were riding on trikes, so Londyn took it upon herself to take the car out for a spin. That's my girl!

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rlmquest said...

We had so much fun! Londyn is an amazing baby!!! We just love being around her. We love our haircuts! Thank you!