Christmas 2010

Christmas was absolutely fabulous this year!

On Christmas Eve, we started the day out by having some friends over to build and decorate graham cracker houses. We love having people over and don't do it enough, so this was a perfect opportunity to get to have the Adamson's and Leith's in our home.

Later that evening, we went to my parents' house for the tradition of Christmas Eve Bingo & a yummy meal of soup, salad & bread.
Waking up to our own little family of three brought back all the magic of Christmas morning. It was such a joy to see how much Londyn truly loved the gifts we put thought into giving her.

Londyn has a thing for shopping carts and it's safe to say, her cute red cart is her very favorite toy now. When we brought her downstairs on Christmas morning, she went straight to her shopping cart and didn't want to see, play or have much to do with anything else. She made a point to put everything she possibly could, inside the cart.

To go with her cart, I found an artist who re-purposes random furniture into children's play kitchens. She used knobs and faucets from old appliances with a metal mixing bowl for a sink to transform an old nightstand into Londyn's adorable new toy! I got to pick out the paint color scheme and even the fabric to add a curtain. I am absolutely in love with how it turned out!

At about 10am, the fam all met at my parents' house for brunch and gift exchanging. Instead of each individual family giving gifts to each other, we do a gift exchange among the cousins by drawing names and staying within a limit of $10. Here are all the cousins with their thoughtful gifts for each other!

It was a full house at the Milne's this year as two of my mom's brothers decided to surprise everybody the day before Christmas Eve! My Uncle David and Aunt Gaila from California arrived right after my Uncle Brian, Aunt Shoko and cousin Kai flew in from Tokyo, Japan. It's always a treat to have them visit as we don't get to see them very often.

(As you can see... Londyn found a stash of Hello Kitty band-aids)


Christin said...

That kitchen is the cutest thing ever! Kids are so fun at Christmas!

Laura said...

The kitchen turned out way good!! Looks like you had a fun christmas!!