Work & Play

I had the opportunity to work every day this week! I worked 1/2 a day Monday through Thursday and then all day on Friday. As always, it's a treat to work with my girls in our Portland office. It is a family there and I adore the entire staff! Not to mention, seeing my dad every day is a treat in itself!
Aside from actually working, the commute was what got to me. Sitting in traffic and driving the monotonous drive... to and from downtown Portland EVERY DAY was what got to me about halfway through the week. I don't know how my dad has done it for 30+ years (my guesstimate on how long my dad has been practicing surgery).
At the end of the week, we celebrated my dad's birthday as an office. Since his birthday is today, we partied yesterday by having a potluck lunch. We all brought the makings for tacos/taco salad. Rebecca (friend/coworker) even brought him his favorite soda (Henry Weinhard's root beer).

Since my dad has been on a strict diet regimen of gluten free, dairy free and soy free eats... I knew we would have trouble coming up with a birthday cake. So the ambitious anti-baker in me, sucked it up and attempted to bake him a cake that he could actually enjoy. I took a trip to Whole Foods and paced back and forth in the bakery for a good 20 minutes. After finally deciding the dollar signs were way out of budget for me, I headed down the baking aisle. I rarely ever meander in this section (just ask my dust-collecting Cuisinart mixer) as I have no desire or talent for such items. But, I finally settled with a gluten free/vegan vanilla cake mix and gluten free/vegan dark chocolate frosting mix. As an emergency back up, I grabbed two cupcakes from the bakery... just in case my cake turned disastrous.

When I took the cake into work on Friday, I had to wait until lunch time to try it! Surprisingly it was delish! The cake was not only moist, but rich and fluffy all at the same time! The best part, my dad loved it!

As convincing as this bakers' conversion post may be... I have deceived you. Let's just say, you won't see me opening up my own bakery any time soon!

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