Childcare Appreciation Luncheon

This year, we have been blessed by family and friends that are willing to watch Londyn so that I am able to go to work. To show our appreciation, I decided to throw a Childcare Appreciation Luncheon for Grandma Milne, Auntie Nell, Auntie "Bubba" & Miss Erin. These are Londyn's peeps. They are always so amazing about helping us whenever they can and I really can't thank them enough for all that they do! Unfortunately, Miss Erin was not able to make it but we dropped off some love in the form of sweets & treats to let her know how much we love her.

To spoil these lovely ladies, I decided to try preparing fondue for the first time! It sure was delish, but boy was it a lot of work! We had a Swiss and muenster cheese fondue with multi-grain baguette sliced bread, an assortment of blanched veggies and roasted fingerling potatoes. My favorite part was the bacon-wrapped chicken with spinach. Yummm-o!

We also gave Londyn's peeps a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider and some divine Euphoria mint chocolate truffles.

For dessert, we moved onto a "Naughty & Spice" chocolate fondue. It's a simple combination of chocolate, heavy cream and chili powder. For dippers, we had fruit kabobs! It was just like eating at the Melting Pot!

It was tough to get a photo with everyone (mostly Londyn) looking at the same time.

See what I mean?

There's only one reason enjoying a fondue feast at the Melting Pot is better than preparing one in the comfort of your own home... someone else gets to clean up the mess.
(this was after already going through one load of dishes)

Thanks ladies! We hope you know how much you mean to us and how lucky we are to have such a fabulous team of childcare for our little Londie Lou-Who!

Merry Christmas!

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